Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Victoria and Michael ~ The Wedding ~ Kiltonga Hall, Newtownards

It's one thing to photograph a wedding for people you have come to know well over the wedding process, but to photograph a wedding for family is an entirely different experience so before I share any images I wish to say a MAJOR thank you to my cousin Victoria and her new husband Michael for asking me, it was just lovely!

Right, without further ado I have great pleasure in introducing Vicci and Michael's big day :)

This is the first time I have ever seen daisies in a bouquet before, it was just lovely!

Vicci and the girls did their own make up in the house

Recognise bridesmaid lovely Jane? Not only is she my cousin but she was also bridesmaid for Ashley back in the summer in Enniskillen

Sometimes a thought will come into my head when I see the bride in her dress for the first time and Vicci just looked so classic and graceful that she reminded me of a ballerina

I can't tell you how much I love this next image! So graceful

Michael and the men were getting ready literally 1 min down the road in the car from Vicci so we took the opportunity to pop in

I love mum moments :)

At Kiltonga. I can't tell you how much this ceremony venue means to me. I witnessed and photographed my best friend get married here a few years ago, one of the first weddings I ever photographed, and my twin sis got married here in March. I would HIGHLY recommend it for an intimate venue to be married.

The dashing Michael. Michael is usually camera shy but I reckon their engagement session got rid of any camera fears on the big day ;)

**Cutie alert**

More family arrive

My Nana and Papa xox

The bride

My auntie Linda and cousin John

Right after that photo was taken Micahel asked me 'What do I do?' I must have looked confused (I was thinking, you get married!) as he elaborated further, 'Do I turn around when she comes up the aisle or do I wait?' I said 'It's entirely up to you, but if I were you, I'd turn, you're going to want to see this' :)

Best reaction ever

Photographic proof that if you fluff up your vows, it's not the end of the world, it's actually pretty funny ;)

Dear light from outside, thank you for shinning on Vic at the most perfect moment ;)

Sometimes it hits you that you're married, straight after the kiss and sometimes it hits signing the register. For Vicci, I think you can guess when it happened :)

I have seen photographers put down their camera during the signing of the registry and not pay too much attention because it's usually when they don't like us to come over and distract bride and groom during an important legal moment, which is why we usually stage the signing afterward. But here is a mega reason as to why you should NEVER have your camera any distance from your face and not be ready to capture a moment (without getting in the way obviously)... I LOVE romantic movies. While You Were Sleeping is an all time fave. So you know the bit were the lovely Bill Pullman demonstrates 'leaning'... Well, this was a 'leaning' moment if ever I saw one and it happened while Jamie their best man was signing the register...

Other people spotted it too because my Uncle shouted out 'KISS HER!!' Michael did his husbandly duty and did so :) A perfect moment

Husband and wife

Just as we began their couple shots it began to rain. Did it stop us? No chance!

Gorgeous Vicci

Vicci and my uncle :)

Mr and Mrs! Have an amazing honeymoon xox


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